Super Paper ROBLOX is a game parodying many elements of the Paper Mario series.

Yumi and Stick first played this in March of 2016. While trying to find something to play, Yumi looked at official ROBLOX reviews and stumbled across a review of Super Paper ROBLOX. Wanting to try something new for a change instead of playing very old levels like they normally do, they decided to give the game a try. They breezed through many of the earlier levels, but once they got to Chapter 8, the game became increasingly difficult for them, and after Stick beat Chapter 8-- Yumi would take about 2 months to get back to it, eventually finishing Chapter 8 and the game on April 20th 2016 with the standard ending.

It is currently the 2nd longest playthrough on the channel, with Speedrun 4  surprassing it.