Speedrun 4 is a fast-paced platforming game, where the objective is for the player to run at high speeds in order to reach the arched doorway at the end of each section.

It currently stands as the longest playthrough on the channel, even surpassing Super Paper ROBLOX and The Original Speedrun. 



  • This is the first level on the channel to have a level link in it
  • Yumi reportedly attempted the Rooftop level so much, that he became low on disk space and subsequently lost the remaining footage of him declaring that he'd leave because of it-- making it abruptly cut in the recording of P17.
  • This is the first ROBLOX game on the channel to feature a low quality video, as seen in P11.
  • This is the second game where Yumi has carried on playing long after Stick's leave. The first was Super Paper ROBLOX.
  • This is one of the few ROBLOX games that Yumi has started playing off-camera. 


Play the game here

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